Thursday, April 11, 2013


We were just finishing up our yoga practice last Thursday, when I got a call from the surgeon's office. I had gone to see him a month ago, to ask a few questions. I told him I'm a yoga teacher, and I can't work anymore, I'm getting so stiff. He said he'd see what he could do.

Well, turns out he put me at the top of the cancelation list. Someone else got a cold and had to rebook. They called, and asked if I was available for surgery on Friday April 12!! Of course I said yes. I've never been so excited and scared at the same time in my life.

Since then, I've been on a roller coaster of preparations and mixed emotions. I've been going for blood tests and x-rays, collecting long handled shoe horns and tall toilets seats. The surgery itself takes about an hour and a half, with a three day recovery in the hospital. The first two weeks I'll be pretty exhausted. Then three months of not bending more than 90 degrees, crossing my legs, or twisting at the waist. Today, it's feeling a bit intense. 

But I keep hearing encouraging tales from friends and family, of full recovery and NO pain. I'm pretty stoked for three months from now, when I can get back to doing the things I love again. 

I'd due at the hospital at 7:40am tomorrow morning. I still feel as if I might jump off the guerney at the last minute, and head for the hills. 
I don't want an operation. I don't want to have a ceramic hip. But I want to be able to dance again. I want to ski with my family. I'm very lucky that I don't have to spend the rest of my life hobbling around. 

I am blessed with very supportive friends and family, a loving partner and amazing kids.  I feel like I'm about to step into a long tunnel, that's darkest and the beginning, and very bright and shiny at the other end. 

Wish me luck!

Today's Quote:  Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy. ~ Saadi

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