Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's a Rollercoaster!

I've been back home for a week and a bit. The first week wasn't too bad. Sure, there was pain, but there were meds too - Dilaudid, aka Hydramorphone. And every day I got just a little better. The biggest challenge is trying to sleep on my back, but I found if I propped myself up on pillows, it helped. Restorative Yoga every day makes a big difference too.

But the beginning of this week, things are getting a bit tougher. Don't get me wrong. I'm healing way faster than I thought I would. I can even get around a bit without my walker. Not really walking, more like a kind of drunken stumble. But I ran out of Dilaudid, and decided I don't really need it anymore, and I think I'm suffering some withdrawal. I'm very tired, and a little depressed the last couple of days. It's just such a loooooong journey I've undertaken! 

So I called my doc, and with her permission, went back on one a day Celebrex, that I was so happy with before my surgery. That, topped up with Tylenol keeps the pain at bay. Though the weird thing is, the pain's not so bad in my hip, but very sharp just above the knee. The muscle tissue feels very tight there, and it helps to stretch or jiggle it. I'm sure there're all sorts of strange things going on in my thigh from both the scalpel detaching muscle, the prosthesis inserted into my femur, and my strange walker-inspired gait. 

This morning, I integrated a bit of regular yoga into my practice. Wednesday is usually backbending day, so I did some mini backbends. No full-fledged Urdhva Dhanurasana yet! Just some lying on my belly, lifting my legs and arms. Sphinx and Upward Dog. Ustrasana (Camel) and Setu Bhandasana (Little Bridge). I felt SO AWESOME afterwards! It's going to be so good to eventually get back to practice. Especially since for the last few years I've had to work with my right foot outwardly rotated to 45 degrees. It already feels quite wonderful to walk and practice with both feet parallel. 

Still, I'm very tired. In fact I spent all of yesterday in bed. I was rewarded by feeling fabulous this morning, though it didn't last long. Baby steps, as they say. At the Joint Replacement Clinic, they said to expect to be pretty tired for the first two weeks.

It's very challenging, keeping my positive attitude. But this is what I have to remember. A good friend said to me, "Of course you're healing quickly! There are so many people that love you, and are sending you healing thoughts." It's hard not to feel it's a bit arrogant to believe that, but I know it's true. I have many friends and family all over the world rooting for me, and I know it's doing its magic. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. I couldn't do this without you. You lift me up!

Today's Quote: Life isn't happening to you. Life is responding to you.  


  1. Now, goodness meh (goodness meh!), why would it feel "arrogant" to believe that so many people love you and are sending you good thoughts? I should think it arrogant to think you know better than all those folk with such impeccable taste in humans. ;-)

    I'm very sorry to hear of any depression needing to be battled while all this physical reparation is underway. Having lots of experience with the void, the one good thing I can say about it is that it is useful for sending one back to bed for more sleeping, waiting for it to pass...

    love and admire you as i always have!

  2. Aw, shucks, Carol. yes, more sleeping is still helping. Though I'm getter better every day, and needing less sleep. Love and admire you too, and always will!