Monday, June 2, 2014


I am almost at the three month mark, and have been getting a bit concerned about my hip. I don't remember this much pain, and it seems that there is more swelling that there should be at this point. At least that's how I was feeling a week ago. I had started to wonder about dislocation.

I called the surgeon's office yesterday to make an appointment for my next check up. After I saw him at six weeks, he'd asked to see me again in 2 months, rather than in another 6 weeks. So, I spoke to the orthopaedic nurse to ask about whether I can start moving again, as my 3 months of restrictions will be up before I see him.

She said I can lift some restrictions, not all. That I can ditch the tall toilet seat and the cushion. I didn't tell her that I haven't been using either for a couple of weeks. My physio said it's 'torsion' that I need to avoid, to keep the hip healing well. I think that's the painful feeling in my hip that comes from pushing up with my left foot after sitting on a low seat. I always only push up to standing with my right, and keep my left leg extended on the way down and up.

It's partly due to that bit of disobedience, and partly because of the pain and swelling in my hip, that I have been wondering about dislocation. I was worrying that it could be gradual, that my greater trochanter was slowly moving out of my hip socket, causing the swelling and pain. A bit scary, as the surgeon has been pretty dire about dislocation, its attendant pain, and going back under the knife.

So I looked up dislocation after THR on the net. The information I found was very reassuring. What a wonderful resource we have at our fingertips! Turns out that's not what happens. If my hip were dislocated I'd be in excruciating pain and not be able to walk. Phew!

The nurse said I can expect some swelling and pain, along with various pops and snaps, for up to a year. She said I can start stretching, but gently. Hurray!

Today's quote: If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. ~ Maya Angelou  (RIP Ms. Angelou...)

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