Friday, March 14, 2014

Walkers and Reachers

Well, I've been home a week. I'm told I'm more chipper this time, and have been spending more time on my feet and less in bed. It might be that things feel a little easier as I know what to expect this time around. 

I love my four wheeled walker! Last time I had the two wheeled version, as the 4 wheeler is deemed too unstable for hip replacement patients. The problem with the 2 wheeler was, as I got more mobile, I kept leaving it behind, and hobbling around. Not so good for the the 'symmetry, symmetry, symmetry' my favourite physio recommends. As before, I can walk a bit now, and in the kitchen I loco-mote leaning on counters to move in small spaces. The walker does get a bit in the way, especially when all four of us are in our tiny kitchen.

The 4 wheeled one moves so smoothly, with a swirly, gliding quality that makes me want to create a dance piece with it as partner. The wheels make a sound like distant thunder that makes the cats nervous, and I have my own comfy seat. It also has handy side zipper pockets, and a huge compartment under the seat that carries books and pens. I love it!

As last time, it's a challenge to walk slowly, though I try. I've heard more than once 'walking consciously is the best physio you can do', so I keep my steps small, my weight evenly on both feet, and press on the walker as little as possible, keeping my shoulders relaxed. I find it ironic that, though my job is healing, I often find myself rushing around the house, for no reason at all.

I told the nurse at the hospital that I hardly used the reacher last time, and she raised her eyebrows. The reacher has a handle on one end, and pinchers at the other, so you can pick things up. I realize now I'm back at it that I use the 'Golfer's Reach' instead. With my left the operated hip, I stand on my right, and reach my left leg behind me. If I were older, or less fit, I'd be using the Reacher more often. For me, it seems a bit finicky.

It's interesting to have this blog, so I can check in on how things went last year and compare. I didn't have the soreness in my upper back this time, but I think that came from spending more time in bed.  

It's seems I got back on the mat with Restorative Yoga a little sooner, which is feeling wonderful. It's easier to know how to move, as I spent three months staying within the same restrictions a year ago. I just have to transpose my body memory to the other leg. 

Today's quote: 'Smile, breathe and go slowly.' ~ Thich Naht Hanh

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